The 2015 Biennial Conference - "The Word in Worship" - was held in Brisbane on 6-9 January 2015

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr Tom Elich
  • Associate Professor Gerard Moore
  • Bishop Garry Weatherill
  • Michael Mangan

Focus of reflections:

  •  Praying the Word
  •  Preaching the Word
  •  Singing the Word
  •  The Word in worship from an Australian indigenous perspective

Who should attend:

All those who plan and co-ordinate liturgy, along with all those involved in leading worship — pastors, presiders and assisting ministers as well as all liturgical musicians and artists, and all those who participate in the liturgy. Download brochure.

Accommodation is additional to the conference cost and needs to be booked separately. Anyone wanting to book accommodation for the Conference at Riverglenn itself, should ring the Centre direct in the first instance on (07) 3878 9333. Centre staff will manage the process from there. Anyone believing they have made an accommodation booking who has not received confirmation should also ring Riverglenn on the same number.”